April Update

posted May 3, 2013, 8:00 AM by RSU20 Webmaster
Believe it or not it is the begining of the fourth quater. Seniors have barely 30 days till their finals, BAHS graduation ceremonies are scheduled for Sunday June 9th and BCOPE's recognition night is at the Hutchinson Center is on June 4th. The Junior prom is Saturday April 27th and the Senior prom is Saturday May 18th. More details on year end activities will follow, please call the BCOPE office for more info. Our seniors will be job shadowing as part of their final exams. Seniors will choose jobs of interest to them and locate a willing site in the community. If you have a business that can accomodate a student please let us know. With Spring weather our garden and greenhouse will start up. We already have seedlings coming up in flats and in our raised beds and hope to be eating salad greens soon. We are also searching for compost/finished manure so if you know anyone who has that please let us know! More updates to come!!