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Current Students, call us to schedule a conference!

posted Sep 1, 2016, 6:00 AM by Peggy Andrews   [ updated Sep 1, 2016, 6:11 AM ]

  • AUG 31st-SEPT 2nd please call BCOPE (207) 338-0261 ext. 0 to schedule a conference.

  • Conferences will be held at BCOPE on SEPTEMBER 6-8 (Tuesday-Thursday).

  • The first day of classes for all BCOPE students will be FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 9.

  • The first day of classes at WCTC is Friday, September 2nd. If you have questions please call WCTC at (207)342-5231.

  • Transportation will be provided to and from WCTC at BCOPE on those days. If you have questions please call the RSU 71 bus garage (207) 338-2430.

March 2014

posted Mar 28, 2014, 8:22 AM by

It appears as if winter is at last over. Monday, March 31st, we will start planting seedlings and in-ground crops in the greenhouse. Hopefully, we will also begin cleaning up the grounds after a long winter. We feel fortunate to have received a grant from Kitchen Gardeners International which will help us with our garden project. This grant will cover some needed tools, seeds, compost, and more. We are also in the process of submitting our application to Bangor Savings for our Health and Wellness program. We will hopefully hear from them this Spring.
    All of our seniors are getting ready for the last quarter of their high school careers. The time will go by very quickly for all of these seniors. Sooner than they think, they will be in marching practice. Because of the long winter, with many snow days, underclass students will be in school until June 20th, at the earliest. There will be a lot of activity between today and the end of the school year for all of us and hopefully, we will get to work outdoors and take some field trips before the end of the year.

Please look forward to more program updates plus year end schedule!

January 2014 Update

posted Jan 8, 2014, 10:41 AM by

    Well it's almost half-way through the school year and this is our first update! We've either been busy or forgetful, but here is some recent news. We are happy to report that Aleahnah Pomeroy and Jasmine Harriman made high honors, Alyssa Page, Vanessa Roberts, and Ariel Woodard made honors. Makayla Peavey, Miranda Johnson, Winston Durkee, Marissa Allen, Ciya Freeman, and Dallas Lane made commendable. That was all from first quarter, hopefully second quarter will be even better. BCOPE students of the quarter at the Waldo County Technical Center were Winston Durkee, Tyler Aldus, Aleahnah Pomeroy. Our congratulations to them all. We also offered the ASVAB test which many BCOPE students participated in. Our Mid-Year exams take place January 21st and January 22nd with two days of parent conferences to follow. 
    In addition to regular curriculum work BCOPE students have been participating in Martial Arts training, boat building, music, Acupuncture, Equine therapy, knitting classes, and wood working. We'll soon be getting outside to do some sledding and Ice Fishing. When February arrives we will begin to get the greenhouse ready to start seedlings. We hope we can now keep up with our updates. We're glad that we are through the ice storm and hope you all managed to have a good Christmas. We will report again in February.

October News

posted Oct 4, 2013, 9:36 AM by

BCOPE for the month of October...

April Update

posted May 3, 2013, 8:00 AM by RSU20 Webmaster

Believe it or not it is the begining of the fourth quater. Seniors have barely 30 days till their finals, BAHS graduation ceremonies are scheduled for Sunday June 9th and BCOPE's recognition night is at the Hutchinson Center is on June 4th. The Junior prom is Saturday April 27th and the Senior prom is Saturday May 18th. More details on year end activities will follow, please call the BCOPE office for more info. Our seniors will be job shadowing as part of their final exams. Seniors will choose jobs of interest to them and locate a willing site in the community. If you have a business that can accomodate a student please let us know. With Spring weather our garden and greenhouse will start up. We already have seedlings coming up in flats and in our raised beds and hope to be eating salad greens soon. We are also searching for compost/finished manure so if you know anyone who has that please let us know! More updates to come!!


posted May 3, 2013, 7:59 AM by RSU20 Webmaster

We want to let everybody know that our music instructor, TIm Woitowitz has recently returned from Memphis where he and his band The Juke Rockets Blues Band competed in the International Blues challenge. Tim is back getting the BCOPE band ready for a graduation performance. Although the weather is still in winter mode we are getting ready to start up the green house. We will be cleaning and planting both our raised beds and starting our onion seedlings. Tomatoes, cabbages, and other crops will be starting in March. Our equine therapy class will start up again March 7th, and our yoga classes have also begun. Progress reports will be out the week of March 4th so students are hopefully getting all their school work completed. Seniors willl be going on a college field trip to EMCC on March 18th from 8-12. We hope to take our seniors on a few more college field trips ASAP. 

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